KAMAWANU × Shu Uemura Art of Hair collaboration

We are honored to announce that we collaborate the special gift coffret box with “shu uemura art of hair” for this Holliday season 2020.
Artistically adorned with black and gold festival codes, shu uemura has chosen the “millstone” pattern to be printed on this coffret from our hundreds of Tenugui pattern collections as a tribute to traditional Japanese patterns. Each traditional Japanese pattern has its meaning and this “millstone” has a glimpse of the sense of detail & perfectionism of traditional craftsmanship in Japan. We really appreciate that through this collaboration, our Japanese traditional Tenugui and craftsmanship is shared with one of most creative and leading companies and their customers all over the world. This coffret is a very exclusive and meant to be repurposed as a collector, precious piece go design at home and these limited edition coffret harmoniously offer a twist to the Japanese art of gifting.
*Please check the instagram of shu uemura art of hair for further information→Click here[@shuuemura_artofhair]